News - Everything You Need To Know For The Car Floor Mats

Everything You Need To Know For The Car Floor Mats

When we need to buy car floor mats, how to find the best manufacturer?

You can search in Google by “ car mats factory”, then you can find many websites, and you need to judge which is car mats factory you need, and to check the car mats material is what you need. There is some different kind material for car mats: carpet, PVC car mats, leather car mats, Rubber car mats, TPE car mats, TPR car mats.

Next you need to check the quality of the car mats, many car mats is made by mold for each different car models, so you need to check if the factory have the car mats models you need and need to check if the quantity you need is ok to produce, most factory have big MOQ. Our factory have ready car mats for most of the car mats, Our MOQ is 5 sets each, and we have hundreds of car mats and trunk mat molds.

Then you need to know if the factory can make mold for you, because your order will be bigger with our good quality TPE car mats, and you will also get some customer need to make mold with their special patterns and logo, it will show your difference of the car mats in the market. The good pattern will bring you good sale and will attracting more new clients. And it will also helpful to Stabilize your old clients. Your business will be much larger with our TPE car floor mats. Our factory can make the pattern and logo with your request size, it will let you stand out from so many sellers.


The most important point is the quality, this is very important, with the good quality, you can sell to more customer, and the customer will sale better with the good quality, and then they will enlarge the order quantity in future. This is also a very important part. This is also the goal of our factory. We use the best TPE material for the car mats and trunk mat, but with same price as other factory. We have little profit, but all the customer bought products from our factory can get 5 star good feedback from all the customer, One time be our customer, forever be our customer . We establish long time cooperate with all the customers. The most important things in our production is use the same price to make the goods better, we want to improve it better and better.

The last point you need to pay attention is the package and shipping. The low quality factory will use the lower quality TPE material and they will also use the low quality package. It will make damage to the car mats, it very important of the package.


We can pack each set 3 pcs (driver mat, passenger mat, rear mat)in one carton, and we can print custom logo on the carton. In this way, we can send directly to the address you need or send to amazon warehouse. We also can pack 20 pcs each carton, in this way can save space, then save sea shipping cost, customer can pack it with their own carton after receive it.

Post time: Mar-03-2021