News - Updated TPE car mats model list on March 2021

Updated TPE car mats model list on March 2021

We Shaoxing Huawo Auto Parts Co.,Ltd is specializes in the manufacture of car mats. We can update the models of car mats as fast as possible.

If the car models you need don’t include in our model list, please contact us at once, and we can finish it quickly,also welcome if you have 3D laser scanning file, we will produce mold according the file with the exact size to fit the car.

This model list was updated on March, 2021, many more models are still under developing and will finish soon, please contact us to get the full list. And we have stock for all the models we have, welcome to be our agent in North America, Europe, Africa, Korea, Japan or other countries.

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We still developing many more models.

This model list was updated on March 2021. We are still developing more models not only for the North America market, if you are a customer in Europe, South America or other countries, we are looking for an agent. Please contact us.


Here below is part of our update models on 2020-2021


1、Tesla Model 3

2、Tesla Model Y

3、Toyota Rav4

4、Toyota WILDLANDER(gaoline) 2020

5、Toyota WILDLANDER(Hybrid) 2020

6、Toyota RAIZE

7、Toyota Prado

8、Toyota Camry

9、Toyota Corolla

10、Toyota Levin

11、Toyota Izoa

12、Toyota VIOS

13、Honda Breeze

14、Honda ENVIX

15、Honda XR-V

16、Honda CIVIC

17、Honda FIT

18、Land Rover Discovery Sport 2020

19、Land Rover EVOQUE 2020

20、BMW 3 Series

21、JEEP Commander Hybrid

22、JEEP Grand Commander Hybrid

23、Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan

24、Mercedes Benz GLB 5 Seats

25、Mercedes Benz GLB 7 Seats

26、Mercedes Benz GLC

27、 Mercedes Benz GLE


29、PEUGEOT 2008(2020)

30、Nissan SYLPHY

31、Ford ESCAPE


33、Tesla Model S

34、Tesla Model X

35、Suzuki Jimny

Post time: Mar-15-2021