News - Which kind car mats is easy to clean ?

Which kind car mats is easy to clean ?

Different materials and properties car floor mats is with different washing methods.

The hardness of washing is also different, the car mats now is normally with these different materials: carpet, rubber car mats, pvc car mats and TPE/TPR car mats.

Let’s explain what’s the different on the washing method of the car mats :

Car carpet : most car shop will give a carpet with the car when you buy it, it’ll good fit the cars, and it looks beautiful at first, but after a few months, it will get very dirty, and it’s hard to clean very clearly, it’s not waterproof ,and you need to wait it’s dry to put it back to your car, it’s really not easy to do it.

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5D PVC Leather custom car floor mats, It’s been popular for years, because the leather looks luxury car mats, It’s favorite by car owners in the past’s cutted and sewed with the car models, so it’s also perfect fit the car and it can produce in low MOQ, it’s just cutted by machine and sewed by worker, all the car mats factory can produce all the car models. But the PVC leather car mats is easy to give off some poisonous smell in summer heat,and it will break up after wash it some times. So few people use it now.

Rubber car mats, its greatest advantage is the cheap price, and you can cut it to fit your car ,but this material is not environmentally friendly, and after you use it some months, it will crack, sticky, hardened, softened, powdered, discolored, moldy, it will looks very dirty. So we don’t suggest use this material car floor mat now.


The new environmental protection material TPE,TPR are widely used in car floor mats. And it has no smell at high temperature, recyclable, anti-slip, wear-resistant, waterproof characteristics. Because TPE material no need any additive agent. 

And TPE car mats is 3D design , it has texture on the surface will improve friction force and the surrounding high side can prevent water stains side leakage, protect the car inside. The defect of the TPE car mats is it need to develop mold for each different car, it will take long time and cost much to develop it. If you can find the car mats you need in TPE material in the market , don’t hesitate to order it, you will surely sell it very good.


Above all, the TPE and TPR car mats is easy to clean and most suitable for the families have children, it’s no harmless to the health.

You will save time to wash the TPE car mats, it only need 2 minutes to wash it totally clean.

TPE car mats is the most easy clean car mats.


Post time: Feb-09-2021